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The One where a Demon tells me to F*** Off!

Yesterday I did my second session of Soul Centre Healing Hypnosis with entity removal, which was my first session dealing with demons or demonic entities. I wasn’t sure what to expect, or how I would deal with it, but I actually surprised myself. I kept my cool, stayed strong and dealt with it with an inner confidence that came from knowing I was doing good work and helping my client to heal.

My client had one earthbound spirit, one Artificial intelligence and two demons attached. The second demon was a real nasty one that at first told me to F*** off! I managed to get it into a conversation, as it really didn’t want to talk to me, and then I used my powers of persuasion to talk it over to the light.

My client is also a fellow healer and she and I had a good chat about entity removal and other aspects of the work, after the session. We queried - ‘what if someone comes to us and says they don’t want the entity removal part of the treatment?' This might be because they’re scared of that aspect, they don't want to know, or deal with the fact that they may have these attachments, or they don’t believe in entity attachments at all. But, I asked, don’t I have a duty of care to both my client, to help them heal, but also to the entities themselves (especially if they are earthbound) to get these energies released and back to source? I feel this is very important work, so I think if someone came to me and said they only wanted the past life regression aspect, that I would tell them more about entity attachments, how they affect people, and see if they might be persuaded. But in the end it is their choice whether or not to have this work - and some souls may have chosen to have attachments as part of their journey. The higher self always knows what is best for the client, and perhaps it is best to ask this aspect of them during the session.

I’m due to do another session today and I’m really looking forward to freeing up another client. It’s amazing how much this work helps people. I was told a long time ago that I was a healer, and this is now coming true in quite an amazing way.

I’m very grateful to have learned this technique. It’s funny, as I always wanted a job where I worked in a paranormal field, and now I can finally see this coming to fruition. It’s a little bit like being a Ghostbuster!

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