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Download your Solfeggio Chakra Healing Set Today! This powerful set of 6 coloured tuning forks tones, tuned to the 6 missing frequencies of the ancient solfeggio can help heal and rebalance your chakras and can be incorporated into your favourite healing modalities.


The tones are professionally digitally recorded and edited,  using the etheric coloured chakra tuning forks set from Soma Energetics.


The 6 chakra healing tones promote chakra healing and balance and create resonance in the energy centres of the body.


What you’ll get in this package;


  • The 6 Solfeggio chakra tuning fork tones digitally recorded as MP3 individual files
  • The 6 Solfeggio chakra tuning fork tones edited together as an MP4 stream from the Root through to the 3rd Eye, with a few seconds between each so that you can pause and restart in a continuous flow. (These are labelled on the video, so that you know which is which when playing them)
  • 5 x Bonus healing tones: 432 Hz miracle tone, 136.1 Hz Om, 3set angelic / crystal tuning set 4096 Hz, 4160 Hz, 4225 Hz
  • ‘Healing the Body with Solfeggio Tones’ digital pdf booklet, containing information about sound healing for the energy body, and how to use the tones.
  • Chakra healing chart with corresponding colours, crystals, frequencies, and essences to use in support of your chakra healing


All of this for £36

Solfeggio Chakra Healing Bundle

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