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I can highly recommend Super Green Juice and use this every day for optimum health and nutrition.


Give your body and mind what it needs. One scoop of Super Green Juice contains 44 organic superfoods to feel your best.  Detox, unleash energy, alkalise and strengthen immunity. 

Visit my Touchstone Essentials store by clicking here


Use Pure Body Extra to Detox from toxins and heavy metals, using Nano Zeolite. 

Get yours here

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A one-stop shop for all your holistic supplies.  Healing crystals, Incence, Essential oils and much more.

Visit their shop here


Hate your job?
Being Forced to Quit?
Is your business suffering at this time?
This course is for you!

I completed this course in 2021 with Mark. It is well recommended for anyone who wishes to take their passions and convert them into ideas they can monetise easily.   Sign up here


Sound Therapy supplies and techniques, using ancient solfeggio frequencies for healing.

I use the chakra tuning forks in my own practice.

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