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Testimonials from Previous Sessions

As a practitioner, Sharon is very warm and friendly and incredibly open minded, which made it very easy to feel at ease in this process.   As for the therapy itself, I am speechless. I did not expect it to have the power that it did. All sorts of voices erupted out of me, including someone I once knew. They all came out with some explanation of the problems they had been causing me. This therapy completely altered my perception of mental health and built a stronger relationship with my higher self. Sharon enabled me to explain what years of therapy couldn’t. After my two sessions, I have also had no entity attacks, which is just priceless, as these are things that you cannot easily find help for. The best thing about this is that all of the answers come from you, while Sharon guides and releases as you go along. 

Cannot recommend this enough, I think this work could seriously change the world, if it were to become mainstream. Mind blowing!

** 2024 update:  I had a very bad skin issue on my face for 6 months, my higher self helped shine a light on the cause. Three days after my session with Sharon, my skin is back to normal and glowing.

               Rosa, Dorset


My QHHT session with Sharon was a life-changing experience. I am still baffled at how much I am able to teach myself if I open up and trust my subconscious mind. Sharon is kind, considerate and caring throughout, a total professional who creates a safe space in which to explore the deepest corners of the mind. Most impressively, I had been suffering from intense pain in my shoulders and small of my back, and since the treatment I am no longer troubled by it. Definitely an experience I wholeheartedly recommend.

                 Fliss Williams, London

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What an incredible experience! Sharon put me at ease regarding having a hypnosis session for the first time, and her expertise in QHHT meant I could reach the correct state to allow my Higher Self to connect. The whole experience was mind blowing, as the level of information and the sense of being an observer of all these attachments was incredible. At no point did it feel uncomfortable as Sharon's calming voice helps you understand the experience, as she moves the entities back to source.  The whole process is carried out on a highly professional level. I thoroughly recommend Sharon's services if you're curious about your past lives or for many reasons which I am confident can be treated effectively through QHHT.

                 Stuart, Somerset

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My session with Sharon was amazing. I found it to be healing and a privilege to be her client.  She had no difficulty guiding me into a theta brain state where I was able to connect with my Higher Self.  I had a lovely experience and was able to have many questions answered that I wanted to know and pass along to others as well. I felt lighter and more settled within, after the session.  Sharon is a calm, gentle healer with a patient, kind demeanor who is able to use her skills and technique to truly help you heal yourself with her guidance.  I am blessed to have found this wonderful healer and look forward to becoming close friends and fellow healers.

Update - June 2022 - I have now had two sessions with Sharon, they were both really amazing and very powerful. She was able to remove some entities (and a few who were very dark beings) in a compassionate way, and send them back to Source.  I would recommend Sharon to assist you with your healing and look forward  to having another session with her.

                 Debbi Anderson, Canada

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I found the session very helpful and healing. You put me at ease right from the start. I felt like I could trust you with my sensitive problems.  I received healing during the session on my big toe, that has bothered me for a few years. Also (the following day) I was able to put my socks on my feet when I got out of bed, without any pain in my legs and lower back.  I have also implemented the advice from my subconscious to stop eating wheat, and not to drink anymore oat milk. Already my stomach feels much better after just one day.  After the session I did feel exhausted, and that night I slept for 10 hours (normally I sleep for 7.5 hours) I found your approach to be very friendly, you put me at ease straight away.You were very kind, and a good listener, I felt like I could talk to you about anything but wouldn’t be judged. Thanks again for the wonderful session.

                Anonymous, Bedfordshire

Sharon is a wonderful practitioner! She took off some major dark entities that were very reluctant to go, but she managed to do that in persisting to guide them to the light.  I'm very grateful because since then I feel a whole lot better! Sharon is a loving and kind person whom you can trust. So I definitely recommend her services to anyone who is seeking help.



                 Loes, Netherlands


I now feel clearer and more relaxed, which has also been commented on. I would also say that when I dip into the past, I don't feel the guilt as I used to. I'm happy to reach new depths of authenticity and rule a line under much which has been haunting me. I'm lighter and laughing more.  Onwards and upwards! 


                  Emily, Dorset

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Sharon has a warm, friendly manner which instantly put me at ease when I arrived. She explained the process clearly and I felt very comfortable.  The session was deeply relaxing overall and I have come away feeling lighter and with a sharpened sense of focus about my path in life.  I asked for healing on my right knee, and quite remarkably, since the session, the twinges and discomfort I have experiences for a while, have subsided significantly.


                  Claire, Bucks


When I met Sharon, I instantly felt a connection. She is very compassionate, a good listener and was very professional throughout the SCHH session. She is extremely passionate about her work. She made me feel relaxed, I never felt rushed. Following the session I felt cleansed and revitalised after removing negativity during hypnosis.   SCHH is an incredible treatment and I would definitely recommend Sharon to anyone needing help with cleansing as we all do!

                   Louise, Bristol


I went to see Sharon partly for healing and partly out of intrigue into QHHT process and to see what might happen. I was blown away by the results! Sharon is a very professional person, made me at ease straightaway and guided me through the hypnosis with a gentle authority. Fortunately, I had no attachments (something I was slightly concerned about) but I received healing for a chronic pain in my shoulder (apparently from an axe wound in a previous life) and have gained at least some relief from hayfever, which I am hoping will continue. Most fascinating for me, though, was the exploration of previous lives which answered a number of nagging questions I have had for many years.  I came out of the session tingling with positivity and excitement - absolutely wonderful! I would thoroughly recommend Sharon and the services she provides. 

                   James,  Hertfordshire

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The session was so interesting, I learned so much about myself and afterwards felt really relaxed, happy and in tune with myself. It has helped me find peace and connect with my subconscious, and has even helped me in my relationships. Sharon made me feel so comfortable. I would definitely recommend having this treatment.

                   Amy L, Hertfordshire

Sharon is a skilled professional who takes great pride in her work and the session was a very positive experience. My knee and shoulder pain seems to have eased significantly since my treatment

                   Neil, Bucks UK

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I was at ease when I saw Sharon for the quantum healing - I had had a remote session done 2 days prior with Sharon and it was startling. I then understood her ability to clear me of attached negative energies. Sharon has a calming and commanding voice, and I felt safe in her guidance.  I had been experiencing some lower thoughts that I knew were not mine. I wanted to know where they originated and if there was anything I could do to release them.  Sharon calmly released the attachment and this has certainly improved my relationship with all animals. I thank her for that. If you are ever unsure where your thoughts are coming from, like having repeated scary thoughts or images, then I would recommend this practice.  I feel better and have healthier thoughts now.

                   Chris, Somerset UK

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