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Quantum Healing Hypnosis FAQs

You may choose between face-to-face sessions (at my home treatment room in Warminster, Wiltshire) or online session via Zoom.

What happens during a session?

The session starts with a life interview, where you discuss your reasons for wanting treatment and the questions that you'd like to ask your Higher Self.  Then there is a quick comfort break before the actual hypnosis session.  The session ends with a debrief about what you have experienced, and you are sent a copy of the session recording (either video or audio) to listen to and keep.

What if I have no spiritual beliefs, will this technique still work for me?

You don’t need to have any spiritual beliefs for this technique to work, though it always helps if you have an open and enquiring mind and accept the information that comes through. The success of the session relies on your ability to trust the information coming to you and to shut off your conscious 'monkey' mind.  Remember, this is not information coming from me, it is coming directly from you. I am merely facilitating the conversation between you and your Higher Self.

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How long is a full session?

A full session usually lasts for around 4 hours.  The time breaks up as follows:

  • Introduction and Life interview (1 hour)

  • Break (5 - 10 mins)

  • Hypnotic induction (20 - 30 mins)

  • Hypnotic state (up to 2 hours)

  • Post Hypnotic debrief (up to 30 mins)

If you would rather break your session into two separate days, one day for the interview and one for the hypnosis, this can also be arranged, but it is recommended to do the full session in one go to ensure you are relaxed enough for the hypnotic induction. 

How much does a session cost?

The price of a full 4 hour session either online or in person is £180 for weekday appointments, and £222 for weekends.  I also offer a package cost for 2 sessions booked together for £300 for those who wish to experience the past life regression session or who have more entity attachments to be removed.

Am I able to have the session face-to-face at my home or in a hotel?

In some instances it may be possible to book face-to-face sessions at another location other than at my home office. For specific requests, please contact me. Travel and accommodation costs would need to be agreed beforehand, and would be charged in addition to the price of the session.

What equipment will I need to have this treatment online?

You MUST have the following in place for online treatment to take place:

  • a fast and reliable internet service (must have a speed of over 25Mbps - check at

  • a laptop computer with working camera, which is plugged into the mains throughout the session


  • a gaming-style headset with mic that sits in front of your mouth (earpods are not suitable for this - and I will not proceed with the treatment unless the correct type of headset is in place.)

  • Here is a link to the headset that I use, but there are many others available ranging from around £14

  • the headset must be tested and set up to work with Zoom on your laptop before the session starts

  • a bed or sofa where you can lie comfortably for up to two and a half hours, with space for your laptop nearby so that the camera can be set and focussed on your upper body on the bed.

  • a blanket

  • a glass of water and some tissues will also be handy

What sort of questions can I ask my higher self?

You can ask anything that comes to mind, about your life or past lives, relationships, family, health, finances, job, interests, pets and life purpose. You can even ask for messages from loved ones or pets who have passed over, and healing for pets or family and friends, if you so wish. You can ask up to 10 questions - we can add to or edit these during the session, if needed.

Here are some example ideas to start with, if you’re stuck:


  • What is my life’s purpose?

  • Am I on the right path and if not, what can I do to take me there?

  • Should I be in the relationship I am currently in?

  • Is there some reason why I am allergic to wheat/ dairy/nuts/ cats?

  • Why do I have a phobia of enclosed spaces?

  • How can I lose weight?

  • How can I stop smoking?

  • Why am I having nightmares?

  • What is the significance of my birthmark?

  • Why do I have a difficult relationship with [person's name]?

  • What is the origin of the discomfort in my shoulder, and how can it be healed?

  • I'm currently suffering with [x} why is that? and how can I heal it?

  • What does my pet want me to know about them?

  • Can I send healing to my parent / child / friend / pet?

  • Is there any message my deceased mother would like to give me?

  • Why have I always had a fascination with ancient Egypt?

  • How were the pyramids built?


What sort of conditions can benefit from this technique?

Most, if not all, conditions can benefit from this treatment, which has been known to provide instantaneous relief or complete healing.  You can view a comprehensive list of the type of conditions that are regularly treated here. This treatment will not be suitable for people who are profoundly deaf, or cannot speak, those who have Alzheimer’s disease, or people with Schizophrenia, although people with these conditions can still be helped with a surrogate session (please enquire for details).  Treatment can also help people wean off prescription medication if their Higher Self deems it appropriate.  

Entity Release FAQs

What is entity release?

Entity or Spirit release is a technique used during the hypnosis session if the client's subconscious has confirmed the client as having an attached negative entity or energy  The technique allows compassionate release of that entity back to Source.


What are entity attachments?

Spiritual entities can attach to a person's damaged auric field or energy body when that person has either suffered from any kind of trauma, abuse, or physical or emotional pain. This could also result from an accident, surgery or serious hospital stay due to injury at some point during their life. It is also possible for entities to join at birth, or to be attached from previous lifetimes.

The individual will most likely not realise that they have any entity attachment but it is extremely common, and it is said that up to 70% of the world's population experience entity attachments.

Do I have an entity attachment?  

Once an entity attaches itself to a person, it can influence their attitudes, choices, emotions, behaviours and decisions, and can also produce physical pain and disease.

Key indications of entity attachment can include any of the following:

  • Feeling 'out of control'

  • Having a lack of energy

  • Brain fog

  • Anxiety

  • Low self-esteem

  • A sudden change in behaviour or personality

  • Behaviour change after organ transplant

  • Suddenly acquiring a new 'taste' for something or new skill out of the blue

  • Feeling upset for no apparent reason

  • Having thoughts of self-harm or suicide

  • Destructive or self-sabotaging behaviour

  • Having a terrible temper

  • Sudden mood swings

  • Suffering depression

  • Eating disorders

  • Hoarding

  • Night terrors, nightmares, unusual sleep behaviours, and sleep walking

  • Hearing voices in your head

  • Having thoughts that feel contrary to your own

  • Feeling like you become a 'different person' when you drink

  • Having periods of 'blacking out' or being unable to recall events

  • Having addictions - for example alcohol, drugs, pornography

  • Paranormal disruptions in your home

If any trauma or injury occurred in childhood, then it's quite possible that the client will have more than one entity attached. Entity attachment can cause the aura (or energetic body) of the client to fracture, which can allow other entities to attach over time.  They are opportunistic in nature and will attach when your energetic guard is down. 

Entities can either be Earthbound spirits, who are spirits who were human and have died.  Some don't know that they are dead; some may have died very suddenly or traumatically and are confused and do not know where to go, and some are afraid that they will be judged. Some are those who have passed with unfinished business. It is also possible for deceased family members to attach to their loved ones. The more negative varieties can be dark or demonic entities who are in the lower negatively polarised astral realm.  Their main purpose is to do harm to the individual that they are attached to - this may include creating physical pain, behavioural issues and relationship problems, depression, lack of energy, or keeping them spiritually down.

The wonderful thing about this technique is that, not only does it remove attachments from the client, benefitting their own health and wellbeing, but it also benefits the entities who are released. The dark entities are ‘turned’ over to the light, no longer having to serve their dark masters, and the earthbound spirits who have been stuck in pain and confusion, are freed to cross over to a place of joy, love and release, and are able to re-connect with loved ones who may be waiting for them.

It is also possible to conduct surrogate entity release sessions on a client's family members, so long as conscious consent is received from that individual beforehand (unless the subject is, either by age or infirmity, unable to give conscious consent)

Please be advised that if you do have entities to remove and this is confirmed by your subconscious under hypnosis, that we will treat that issue as a priority before proceeding with any past life regression. If you have many entities to remove, it may be necessary to do more than 1 session in order to complete this removal before we move on to a session for past life regression.  You are not obligated to come for any further treatment, and any need for this will be advised by your Higher Self during the session.

Please read the Disclaimer before booking.   This treatment is not suitable for pregnant women.

Entity release is part of the in-person or online treatment session and generally lasts around 4 hours (with no more than 2 hours under hypnosis)

For more information or any queries please contact me.

Please read this Disclaimer before booking

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