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Defence Against the Dark Arts

As a Quantum Healing Hypnosis and Entity Release practitioner, a very important part of what I do is spiritual protection, some might call it 'Defence Against the Dark Arts' as made popular in the Harry Potter movies. Although most of us may not see, hear or feel the spiritual world around us, good and bad spirits and energies are around us every single day. Why can't most of us see or experience these spirits? Because we are not 'tuned in' to their particular frequency. Experiencing spirit is a bit like tuning to radio to the specific frequency in order to be able to hear the broadcasted material. Just because you cannot see, hear of feel these entities, does not mean they don't exist or cannot affect you. On the contrary, the negatively polarised spirits will try anything they can to affect and zap the energy of a human.

Luckily, the work that I do offers me some level of protection - it is spiritually protected work, protected by Source for helping to free the human spirit from negative entities - my friend who is psychic told me this week that I have 2 angelic protectors (or guardsmen) around me, guarding my space from evil spirits. She can see them, but I cannot, as I am not yet tuned in to their frequency, but I do feel protected. It's good to know, but even so, I still take my own spiritual protection seriously, using other methods, as I come up against demons and other negative spirits when I work.

Defence against the dark

In order to try and help my clients and other people who have very little idea of the whys and hows of spiritual protection, I have written a guide book to help, called 'The Beginner's Guide to Spiritual Protection' (available here)

I found that writing a practical guide on Spiritual Protection was quite a difficult subject to tackle - not least because Spiritual Protection is not a tangible object - you can’t feel it, touch it or see it, unless you have particular gifts.  I have only, in the last few years, come to realise that spiritual protection is just as important, as say putting on a warm coat in cold weather to protect yourself from hypothermia, or wearing a parachute if you’re jumping out of an aircraft.  


Whether you are a healer, light worker, witch, psychic, empath, tarot reader, someone who is open to energies, or just a lay person who is completely unaware of the spirit world around them, spiritual protection is a must to ensure that you are not putting yourself at risk of spiritual or energetic attack.

What is spiritual or energetic attack?

Spiritual or energetic attack is where a negative energy or entity attaches itself to your energetic body or aura and begins to syphon your energy, feeding off it for themselves. This energetic attack can lead to all sorts of issues: physical conditions (aches, pains, disease, etc) emotional issues such as depression, anxiety and fear; behavioural issues such as triggering, abuse, addictions, and in serious cases, other conditions such as schizophrenia.
The vast majority of people are unaware that energy, both positive and negative, can affect our physical bodies, our mental health, and our emotions.  We’re taught in school that we are physical beings made of solid matter. We’re shown diagrams of atomic structure, we conduct experiments that show solids, turning to liquid and then to gas, and have our beliefs in anything outside of this physical experience shutdown at an early age and then later, find our beliefs ridiculed by mainstream science and academia. 

As a child, did you see fairies, or play with ‘imaginary’ friends, who seemed to interact with you, but then have your parents or teachers tell you that you were ‘being silly’ and just making it up?
If we are told often enough that there are no ghosts, or monsters, or fairies, then our subconscious becomes programmed away from belief in these things, and without belief we can no longer experience those mystical and unexplained wonders that make life so much richer and more magical!
I personally come from a very science-based background, brought up in an engineering household with parents who did not come from a place of belief in the spiritual or supernatural but they also didn’t dismiss such experiences as nonsense. My upbringing gave me the perfect opportunity to remain open minded about the world, and to question things that seemed to go against current scientific understanding. I was fascinated by the paranormal from an early age; TV shows like ‘Arthur C Clarke’s Mysterious World’ inspired me to find out more, and even before I started having my own paranormal experiences, I was aware that science did not yet offer any explanations for what I was seeing. I made it my life’s purpose to find out more about the nature of reality, and I continue to research and question to this day.
The hidden world may not be accessible to everyone, just those lucky souls that are open-minded enough to understand that the world is not as we have been taught, that we are composed of energy vibrating at different frequencies, and that our energy can be affected by things outside of our physical day-to-day existence.
If you are one of the open-minded; you have experiences which could be labelled ‘paranormal’, or you feel the energies around you and recognise that these have an effect on your wellbeing, then my guide book is for you, to give you a basic knowledge of the many different ways that you can protect yourself, or your home, from the effects of negative energies, energy vampires, black magic, earth-bound spirits, demons, and other entities that may wish to cause harm.
As I have only been practicing energetic protection for a handful of years, I have written the booklet from a newbie’s perspective, and as such I try to explain the methods and reasoning behind them as much as I am able to. If you do decide to purchase the guide, I hope you find it useful and beneficial to your spiritual and energetic health.

Around 70 - 80% of the world's population has entity attachment and most are completely unaware. If you suspect that you are being affected by entities, you can take my 'Do I have an entity attachment?' Quiz here.

If you'd like a free, no obligation consultation with me for Quantum Healing and Entity Release, please visit my website at
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