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Dis-ease is quite literal!

When I did Dolores Cannon's training course in Quantum Healing Hypnosis, I was very interested to learn that the human body is quite literal in producing dis-ease due to emotional imbalance and previous trauma. For example:

  • Spinal issues can relate to not feeling they have enough support

  • Foot or leg pain can relate to not travelling one's true path

  • Digestive issues can relate to not being able to 'stomach' a particular situation

  • Breast cancer can relate to the anger of not being nurtured by the mother

I recently saw a client who had been suffering with a rather nasty case of eczema on their face which had seemed to come up out of nowhere, and was showing no signs of abating. Various pharmaceutical treatments had been tried but nothing had worked to date.

During hypnosis of this client, the Higher Self was able to show them that the reason they were experiencing the facial rash was because they were trying to hide an emotionally issue, due to a repressed memory, and create a 'mask for the world'. Once the repressed memory was revealed under hypnotic regression and the reason for the condition understood, the rash disappeared completely within a couple of days. My client was pleased and relieved and sent photos of the newly glowing skin.

This shows just how powerful our emotions and thoughts are in creating our physical reality. I have personally found through many hypnosis sessions that childhood trauma, lack of connection with parents, missing out on a loving relationship in youth and being bullied at school or home can seriously affect one's adult wellbeing - not to mention the traumas brought over from past life experiences and cause of death in a past life.

Just to demonstrate the point of someone reincarnating with death trauma from a previous life, I saw a client who I noticed had a large circular birthmark on his forehead, and when regressed to a previous life, saw himself end that life by committing suicide with a gunshot to his forehead.

The way the body and mind work together is a very complex subject, but the more we start to understand how our experiences, thoughts, feelings and emotions affect our physical wellbeing, the greater our chance of being able to heal.

If you wish to read more about this subject, to have an understanding of how unreleased emotions and trauma can affect the health of the human (or animal) body, I would suggest reading The Biology of Belief by Dr Bruce Lipton , and if you're a holistic practitioner then Metaphysical Anatomy by Evette Rose, which is a massive reference book with lists of conditions and their emotional causes is a very valuable tool.

If you wish to explore more about any physical or emotional issues you have, then please book a Quantum Healing session with me by visiting my bookings page.

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