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My new location in Warminster

So, 2024 sees a new start for me, and after a long break in order to relocate to a brand new house and a new, exciting (or scary) life in Warminster, Wiltshire, I am finally getting ready to restart my SCHH business.

It was a decision long in the making, to quit my Officer Manager job in Buckinghamshire, sell my house and take the gigantic leap of faith to take my own business full time and move to Wiltshire to start a new life with my long-time friend, and now partner, Stuart - co-founder of the world-renowned 'Crop Circle Connector' website.

The house selling part was, as always, a bit of a nightmare, but thankfully the move went reasonably smoothly in November, and I'm now busily decorating, organising my new place - my healing room is now complete, though the hanging of the wallpaper mural did cause a few frayed nerves and cursing.

I am now trying to get used to living somewhere very quiet, on the edge of beautiful countryside and in the UK's biggest UFO hotspot. The hardest part is trying to force myself get out of bed now that I am not starting work at 7am each morning. Luckily Benji (my dog) is also here to help with that by sitting on my head first thing in the morning.

I'm just starting to update the website and advertising, and look forward to getting some new local clients. Hopefully the spiritual tourism aspect in Glastonbury will help, as it's only 40 minutes from my new base.

There are also some exciting developments in the pipeline, with a possible new venture into a Frequency healing business.

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