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Enjoying the experience!

I've now completed my first 7 QHHT sessions as a Level 1 Intern, and I am really enjoying the experience! I've met some wonderful people with amazing stories and really love the way that QHHT has the potential to help them with their physical and emotional issues.

It's early days yet, but I've so far had one report of some possible physical healing having taken place already, and my 'clients' are going to keep me informed of their progress.

Looking into people's past lives is fascinating... it's a bit like being a time traveller, but without a time machine. And when my client 'goes under' I've no idea where or when they're going to end up. But the Subconcious always takes them to where they need to be and what they need to see to help them on their soul's path.

I might find myself hearing about life in Ancient Egypt or Rome, or from a simple labourer living off the land in Medieval England, I've even seen lives as pure energy or light. I've learned that all experience is valuable and there is always more to learn from this existence and all the others we have been part of. I look forward to my continuing journey of enlightenment and helping others.

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