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Instantaneous Healing Session

I've now completed 15 sessions, and only 10 more to go until I can qualify as a QHHT Practitioner. In one of my recent sessions, I had a client who was able to go really deep into the hypnotic state, and was able to see, hear, feel and even use the sense of smell during the past lives that she was witnessing. It was an amazing thing to witness. She has given me permission to share some of what she saw, so here goes...

The first life she saw was of a male piano player, working in what she described as a 'Speak-easy' club (she saw London as the location). She described that it didn't feel right, that there was something not good about what 'he' was doing. She said that the police raided the club and arrested a lot of people, but that 'he' was not one of them.

She said that her 'sweetheart' thought the job was not good enough, and she ended up leaving him. Heartbroken, he took to drink, and eventually this is what lead to his death. Her subconscious had said that the purpose of her seeing that life was to see that she was creative and should use this more, and to show to evils of alcohol.

In another life, which we thought must have been somewhere around the 17th/18th century, she saw herself as a woman who was working in some kind of medical ward. She had come in to the scene in a panic, finding herself inside a large church or cathedral (she sensed it might be Winchester) she could smell incense and hear her booted footsteps on the stone floor. She was extremely distressed and was trying to get help. She wanted to speak to the clergyman about something she had witnessed that she felt she shouldn't have seen. When I took her back to the event, she said that she'd seen a woman give birth to a 'devil child'. She found the experience very disturbing, and her subconscious would not allow her to see much else, though she did describe a little, which I will not share here. She felt it was extremely dark and did not wish to explore further, so we moved on.

The subject saw 4 different previous lives during her session, and at the end of the session when I called the Subconscious forth, it came through very strongly, and as I asked the client's life questions that she had, it was quite firm with its requests for her and how she should progress. After doing a body scan, the subconscious identified 3 areas which needed some work. My client hadn't mentioned these to me, but I asked the subconscious to give healing to these areas, and my client said she could feel the areas heating up suddenly, a bit like applying heating muscle rub! When my client awoke, she was surprised and over-the-moon that the pains had now gone. I was really pleased with this session, as it truly demonstrated the power of QHHT and the potential for healing.

I'm looking forward to seeing more of this as I get more practised.

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