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Learning online hypnosis healing and entity release

For the last few weeks I've been learning about an add-on technique to QHHT called SCHH or Soul Centre Healing Hypnosis, from a woman called Laura Whitworth who developed this technique herself. The 2020 lockdowns brought a need to be able to practice healing hypnosis online and many QHHT practitioners, being unable to see people in person, trained in online techniques.

Laura's technique also encompasses something which I find rather intriguing, and have not yet experienced, and that is Entity Release. I have learned that many people carry these energetic 'vampires' with them without even knowing, and they can affect mood, behaviour, and physical and mental health. I'm also reading a recommended book on the subject, 'Spirit Releasement Therapy' by William J Baldwin, which is a technical manual used by many therapists, psychologists and clergy working in this field. It gives a better understanding of this condition and how to recognise when someone has their own entity attachment. You may have heard of extreme examples of this in Multiple Personality Disorder, or Schizophrenia.

Attachments can occur during periods of intense grief, pain, trauma, or during an extended hospital stay, where the person's energetic body or aura is fractured and entities can get in. Entities can be lost souls who are afraid to cross over, those that don't realise they are dead, or even loved ones who feel they are still needed here. Just think how many lost souls might be wandering around hospitals, upset and confused that they have departed their physical bodies when they did not feel ready or perpared. Entitles can also come and take over when a person is under the influence of drugs or alcohol. Some entities can be very negative and cause all sorts of serious problems, especially if they are demonic or Reptilian in nature.

I myself had a brief episode of a negative entity possession when, on a flight from the USA returning the the UK, I took a sleeping tablet, was asleep for around 6 hours, and when I woke up my friend told me that (while I was most definitely still asleep as far as I was concerned) I woke up, raved about the effects of the sleeping tablet and tried to convince her to give me some more! I was completely unaware of this, and this was very unlike me. I had never in my life blacked out any experience, so this was extremely unusual. The sleeping tablet use had allowed some mischeivous spirit or demon to take over my body and try to influence my behaviour.

Many, and probably most examples of drug or alcohol misuse and other addictions and behavioral problems can be put down to entity attachment, and I think by learning this technique, I will be able to help many more people.

I look forward to the live segment of Laura's course, which I am taking in early May 2022. If you are interested in entity releasement and feel this might benefit you or a loved one, then please get in touch. I will begin treating people for this in Mid-May 2022.

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