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Mind-Blowing Mysteries

I thought I would talk about some of the strange things I've come across in sessions related to Earth and Universal mysteries. I've always been blessed with an open mind to all the possibilities that may exist in the Universe, and even with my relatively short experience with QHHT, I have learned just how little we as humans know, and just how much there is to know. Once we accept that our true history and true nature has been denied us, we open ourselves up to some pretty amazing discoveries. Along with the 'nuts and bolts' or 'digging potatoes' kind of mundane lives that I come across with my clients for the most part, there are also some who recount lives lived in ancient civilisations, or civilisations not of this realm. They teach us that only the bravest souls agree to incarnate here, that the Earth existence is the hardest in this Universe, and that the truth has been deliberately hidden from us.

I've recently had some very interesting sessions, where clients saw things that were completely out of this world. One session included experience as a non-terrestrial male who could travel between his planet and the Earth via a portal, in order to bring people over to heal in a temple which was linked to him energetically. He said that he had blue skin and 3 eyes, and that he could transform to appear human when needed. When he became old, and his health began to fail, the temple also lost its healing power and he was sad that he was no longer able to help people. The client was even able to draw the temple after the session was over.

In another session, the client described watching or being part of a procession of robed individuals (somewhere that seemed similar to ancient Egypt) that were heading towards a domed glass structure, and were levitating a stone symbol (that looked similar to the Egyptian Ankh) over their heads as they walked. I have heard accounts of stone levitation before in our ancient history, but it was a surprise to have someone talk about it in a session.

One of the most fascinating sessions I have had involved a subject who described a life as a non-terrestrial female, who was a healer on her planet. Their community was one of peace, love and joy, they were friends with the animals, lived and worked in structures made of crystal, and grew all of their own food. She said that they could travel wherever they wanted in the Universe either as physical beings or by 'splintering' their souls into many parts, and could live different lives simultaneously. She said that humans were also doing this but were unaware of it, and that our concept of time was not correct. This entity seemed to be extremely knowledgable about Earth and its situation, so, with my client's prior permission, I decided to ask a few questions about some Earth mysteries. She answered that: Yes, there had been giants on Earth, not just giant humans but also giant trees and some giant animals. She told me that the Earth realm was on a flat plane of reality, and that there had been numerous 'resets' by flood, mud, and advanced weaponry. She said that dark forces had taken over the planet a very long time ago. She explained that every level of life had been infiltrated by the dark entities, but we were now coming to the end of their reign.

She noted that Antarctica was not what people thought it was. Apart from being a ring of ice around our realm, it had also been a very dark place where the dark forces had been based. And we realise the real reasons for the Antarctic Treaty, which againm are not what we have been led to believe.

She explained that there is a huge part of our Earth we do not know about, and we will gain access to these areas in future.

All in all it was a very positive session with some wonderful intel, and no matter the propaganda pumped out by our media organisations, I'm extremely optimistic about the future for 2022 and beyond. Humanity is in for a very bright future.

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