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My QHHT Journey

My journey to training as a QHHT practitioner started a very long time ago. I'd been interested in the paranormal and metaphysics since 1980, around the age of 9. I first became aware that this world was much stranger than I had been led to believe, after watching 'Arthur C Clarke's Mysterious World' on TV. And as I browsed through my first edition of 'The Unexplained' Magazine, I was determined to discover the secrets of the Universe we live in and find my place in the world. I had not been brought up in a religious environment, though my 3 best friends from school had all been dedicated Christians, but the idea of Religion did not resonate with me, and I was not to find out why until much later in my life.

At age 21, I had a strange experience when my grandmother died, and I remember questioning everything I'd ever believed about death - Was death really the end? Was there anything else afterwards? And I started reading more about life after death and reincarnation. I started to believe that there was more to this life than I had previously thought.

Since my late twenties, I'd wanted to be a published writer, though the Universe always seemed to have other ideas for me. While trying to get answers as to my true purpose, I spoke to a clairvoyant who told me that my soul's purpose was towards teaching and healing. At the time I was a TV Production Technician, which I enjoyed immensely, and had no designs on ever becoming a teacher and as for healing anybody, I thought that was doubtful. So I thought nothing more about it and just let life happen.

Throughout my life I had many unexplained experiences, and this just made my new beliefs in a higher Universal power even stronger. I read loads of books on subjects as diverse as UFOs, Ancient Civiliations, Quantum Physics and Paranormal phenomena, and in 2010, I had a very strong awakening after reading a book which seemed to answer a lot of my questions. Around that time I decided to train in Reiki, but found that with few people to practise on, I lost the knack and felt that perhaps Reiki was a little too passive for me. But I did make a start on a healing path. Also in 2010, I found myself being made redundant from my job based at Pinewood Studios, and quickly had to find something else. I'd applied for a job as a TV Studio Manager for a London University and was lucky to pass the interview and get accepted, only two days after taking my redundancy. The Universe really did have a plan for me, and I found myself teaching students on various aspects of TV production work. I had been absolutely terrified of teaching but after having experienced it, I couldn't think of anything better. The students were a joy to work with and I found that helping others gave me a real sense of purpose.

In 2016, after cancer treatment, I'd been left with a few issues which affected my digestive system, and I wasn't able to eat certain foods anymore. My GP was of no use, so I tried accupuncture, but with limited success. Eventually in 2019, on my birthday, I decided to treat myself to a QHHT session with a local practitioner. During the session I was quite amazed at what I was seeing, and straight afterwards my physical symptoms completely disappeared and I was able to eat the foods I loved once more. I was interested to learn more, but at that time I was still keen to get back to working in TV, having taken redundancy from my university job after 7 years there, and then working as an office manager for a charity. But again the universe had other ideas...

In November 2021 I was having a hard time trying to decide what direction to follow next in my career - I was edging towards running my own healing centre, having heard about new technologies which would be released to the public in the near future and was keen to start helping other people heal, but would need to wait on the money to be available for me to do that. Then I received 2 emails together in my inbox - one from my QHHT practitioner about a meditation session he was running, and another from the Dolores Cannon QHHT Training Centre. Something clicked inside and I knew this was a sign. I'd read a couple of Dolores Cannon's books and I was very interested to learn her technique. I signed up for the course and within 2 weeks was a Level 1 QHHT Intern.

I'm now working my way through my 5 friends and family sessions that I have to complete before being able to practice on strangers, and I need to complete 25 free sessions in total in order to qualify (hopefully in 2022) as a Level 1 Practitioner. I'm very much looking forward to the journey and to the stories that i'll encounter - but mostly to being able to help and heal people.

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