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What is a Surrogate SCHH session?

Over the last few months I've seen several clients who had asked for treatment for loved ones who had been unable to attend a face-to-face hypnosis session themselves. Surrogate sessions can be used to remove entity attachments and to aid healing for members of one's family, or close friends.

A few examples of why someone might require a surrogate session:

- someone is struggling with a particular issue / ailment / spiritual attack / behavioural issue and perhaps they are unable or unwilling to come for a hypnosis session themselves, for whatever reason, but they are willing to consent to another family member or close friend undergoing the session for them.

- a child needs help and is too young to be able to have the session themselves

- an elderly relative with dementia, or one who is under hospice care, who is unable to give conscious consent, but requires healing

There may be many reasons that you wish to have a surrogate session for a loved one, and I am always happy to run these, as long as conscious consent is given for those capable of giving it. If conscious consent is not possible, such as in cases for very young children or adults with dementia, then I will ask their Higher Selves for consent during the session.

In practical terms, the person for whom the session is intended (the subject) should be resting whilst the 'Surrogate' undergoes the hypnosis experience.

I have been told that the process of connecting to a loved-one's Higher Self feels different to connecting to their own Higher Self - although I am unable to explain the feeling myself as I have not yet experienced a surrogate session personally, but I have been assured that there have been amazing results from these sessions. I have also heard from clients who have had surrogate sessions that the subjects have been able to describe images and feelings that were encountered during the session.

I would encourage anyone who is worried about a family member's health or behaviour, to think about having an SCHH surrogate session. And if you would like to chat about this with me, please do get in contact.

I am currently running some free SCHH sessions for friends and family, and am willing to take some clients pro-bono, so please do contact me if you feel you need treatment but cannot justify the expense at present.

Lots of love


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