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Away with the Fairies!

Last week I had a 3-day course in Soul Centre Healing Hypnosis with the lovely Laura Whitworth. This is like an add-on course for my QHHT, as it deals with the methods for removing attached entities from the energetic body - these attachments can cause all manner of problems - anything from black outs, behavioural issues, addictions, depression, brain fog, physical pains, and mental and spiritual issues. These entities can attach themselves when we are at our lowest and most vulnerable - through pain, depression, trauma, addiction and during hospital stays.

The training was intense but thoroughly enjoyable and the last day of training was a demonstration of the technique, with me as the volunteered subject. I wasn't sure what I was letting myself in for. Did I really want to face what might be attached to me? Just previous to the session, we had been warned that entities would try and do anything they could to stop a removal -and about half an hour before my session, i suddenly developed sever abdominal pains out of nowhere. During the session, I felt something putting pressure on my bladder as well, again trying to get the session to stop.

I was surprised to find that I had several entities to clear, among them several demonic entities, 3 earthbound spirits, a crow, a worm and an Artificial Intelligence. One demonic entitiy had attached to me at birth as I'd been born 2 months prematurely and had nearly died. Others had attached during hospital stays and through depression and hurt.

Once the entities were cleared by Laura I did start to feel a difference. Firstly the pain I'd been feeling in my hip and abdomen completely disappeared. And then I discovered that whatever had been nesting in my Solar Plexus (which had a lot to do with the self esteem) had been removed and I felt much more confident in myself all of a sudden.

After the clearing, Laura was able to quickly take me into another life where I saw myself as a fairy, and that was another big surprise. I had heard of the fairy realm, and knew that other people had seen fairies, but I was definitely not expecting that. It's very hard to describe how it feels to undergo this kind of technique to someone who has not had QHHT themselves, but if you are open to the possibilities, anything can happen, and usually does!

Now that I have the tools to be able to do this amazing work, I have to complete 15 practice sessions, and then I will be able to take this forward for the general public. This is a powerful tool for healing, and I can't wait to use it.

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