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Do you believe in Magic?

'Magic' is one of those things that is very hard to believe in, like fairies and unicorns. If you see objects in the world around you as just a grouping of atoms into a physical structure, the creation of the Universe as some sort an accident, and humanity as an insignificant ape-descended race living on a blue marble, it can be hard to wrap your head around the possibility of anything paranormal. If you come from a very logical or Scientific point of view (as I did) it is difficult to accept that the reality of our world is not as we believe. That is because the science we have been taught is material in nature, and the problem with that is, an atom is not made of physical matter - it is a swirling ball of energy. Matter only appears solid due to the low frequency of the vibration of that energy. Quantum Physics has helped us understand a little more about this, but as some very wise person once said 'if you understand quantum physics, then you haven't understood quantum physics!'. Nikola Tesla said 'If you want to find the secrets of the Universe, think in terms of energy, frequency and vibration,' and this is where the magic happens. Tesla was well aware of this, and created a great many technological marvels of which I am just beginning to learn. (Unfortunately most of these marvels have been hidden from humanity, but that is another story, for another time). And if you start to accept that the world is not as we know it, then you start to become aware of how to shape the world around you for the better.

On my pathway to becoming more consciously and spiritually awake and aware over the last decade or so, it has been very enlightening to get to meet and talk to many people who have a wonderful connection to Spirit, Source and Magic. These inspiring souls all have something different to add, whether it be an insight, technique, new information or stories of their own experiences. Although my life so far has been filled with hundreds of paranormal occurences, many of these people have experiences I can only wonder at. And one of the things that many of them practise is 'manifesting'. I don't know if you are aware of the Law of Attraction, or how it operates, but it is summarised by 3 laws: like attracts like, nature abhors a vacuum, and The Present is always Perfect. It is a philosophy that suggests that positive thoughts bring about positive results.

I heard about manifestation a good many years ago, and at the time brought just one thing into my own conscious efforts to try to control my experience of everyday life - and as mundane as it may sound, it was in trying to find a car parking space. I had heard that some people made special requests of the Angels, and so I started doing that too. On my way to trying to park the car somewhere I knew would be very busy, I would ask my 'Car Parking Angel' for help, and time after time, it would come through for me, without fail.

Colleagues on my SCHH course have all sorts of insights about manifesting. There are manifestation intentions for protection (much needed in this line of work), financial abundance (much needed when you're trying to give up your day job) and invisibility (much needed when dealing with parking wardens!)

So far, I have put my intention into all of these manifestations, and I'm going to share with you my results so far.

The financial abundance intention, is still a work in progress.

However, I had recently tried the 'Invisibility Cloak' method a couple of times, and it seems to be working! I have tried it once on my refuse bins - in my area we are expected to pay extra for collection of 'Green waste' (while we are paying the council an extortionate amount in Council Tax every month) and they issue the household with a sticker to put on the bin which tells the refuse collectors when the payment expires and therefore when to stop emptying the bin if not renewed. In previous years, after my stickers had expired, I found that the bin would no longer be emptied, so I was forced into parting with the extra money. This year however, I had tried another tactic! I put the bin with expired sticker out for collection and imagined a cloak of invisibility around the sticker, with the intention that the bin men would see a renewed sticker instead. Well, I don;t know if the bin men were feeling particularly charitable that day or not, but the bin got emptied! So I am going to try this again next week.

I have also recently had to project the Invisibility Cloak intention back in time, in order to protect my friend getting a traffic violation fine for driving in a controlled traffic area that was meant for buses and taxis only. There is no doubt that his car would have been caught on camera, however, so far, it has been nearly 3 weeks since the offence, and no ticket has arrived. If this is truly working then I am liking this super power!

I shall carry on experimenting with this and at some point, if this experiment proves fruitful, will make a YouTube video on how to do it.

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