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Healing Pathway

I was recently invited to have a BQH (Beyond Quantum Healing) session with an acquaintance of mine from Canada, Debbi, who I met virtually whilst studying with Mark Attwood on his 'How to Monetise What's Already in Your Head...' course (click on the logo below

for details of how to join.)

BQH has similarities to QHHT but can be conducted online. As I'm always interested in exploring my own past lives and what they can teach me, I was very keen to try this, so Debbi called me up on a Zoom link. Debbi was great and I felt really comfortable. We talked for a while about my life and the questions I wanted to ask during the session, and then she did the hypnotic induction. Having trouble switching off my conscious mind is always my problem, so it took a while for me to be able to relax into the session and start trusting what I was seeing. The first life I saw appeared to be as a woman in a Native American community. She appeared to be some kind of healer or shaman, and I sensed she was sitting on a hill watching the sunrise over the distant mountains.

I described what looked like the tribal elder and a small group of others, and we appeared to be conducting some sort of shamanic ritual or ceremony, and when asked what the ritual was for, I said 'to bring forth the light'. The message I got from this was that 'the Light is always there'.

I then saw an eagle spreading its wings and lifting off the ground, and got the sense that the tribal elder could 'turn into the eagle' - like some kind of shamanic shape-shifting, which was quite a strange thing to sense. When Debbi asked if I could also do this, I got the sense that I could. I wonder if perhaps my pathway towards holistic healing therapies comes from a previous life as a Native American shaman.

I'll share more about the rest of the session in my next post.

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